Stuff happens: It is what it is and that is what we call life.

I don’t want to lose any more children. I don’t have any control of this. I lost Mark a year ago and now Scot is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. The doctors informed his wife that he has less than six months left. Loss. Loss and grief are so damned hard. Life holds so much… … More Stuff happens: It is what it is and that is what we call life.


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I held you. Skin to skin. I looked into your big blue eyes. I counted your fingers and toes. You were so warm nestled at my breast. You took to nursing without hesitation. Even out of the womb, we were connected. I remember the first flutters of you, growing inside of…

A Tiny Regret

A TINY REGRET Never to be seen again. Some time long ago, while I was driving a deep submersible along the ocean bottom in the Sea of Cortez, I came upon what appeared to be a stone wall. Well past the depth that sunlight penetrates we moved slowly, searching for something to do with biological … More A Tiny Regret


TIMOTHY Timothy held out the spoon to the large feline sitting on the arm of his chair. The cat briefly turned its head away and then, with an attitude of superiority, leaned ever so slightly toward the offering and took the tiniest nibble. Timothy pulled his hand back and the cat looked annoyed but only … More Buddies

A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course (encore)

This piece contains so many off-shoot threads that one could spend a day chasing interests. A HORSE IS A HORSE OF COURSE OF COURSE Mister Ed was a favorite character in a weekly T.V. show during the sixties. Reruns for decades put the opening credits’ theme song into everyone’s conscious forever. The plot contained a … More A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course (encore)


For all my shipmates. For all of the salts who tolerated me in my youth. For all the non-qualified pukes who were dumber than a bag of hammers. For all the skippers I sailed under. For all the submarine sailors who proved again and again what it was that saved my rotten ass from leading … More Gratitude