Ardnadam Pier

What does one do with something like this? Hold it out proudly and just say, “Here I was. Take a look.” This is a taxi ride from Dunoon to Ardnadam Pier. A regular ride after a night of carousing. This is the Holy Loch where the Polaris Submarines would tie up for repairs after each … More Ardnadam Pier

Walking a Line

WALKING A LINE Six of us left the 400 building. No eye contact with lots of polite door holdings and thank you’s. Walking with purpose and direction toward a distant cement structure. The day is cold enough for a coat but three of the six are wearing only grey sweatshirts for warmth. Do you have … More Walking a Line

I’m Stuck

I’M STUCK Someplace between sad, tired, and fed-up. In an effort to avoid the boredom that sits next to me, I looked at my most recent copy of The Sun, December 2018. On the cover is a photo of two black people standing close together. I am not black. I am white. Just writing that … More I’m Stuck

Off the Top of My Head

Which is slightly better than being out of my head. My favorite state of mind is to be bouncing from calm to total panic. Maybe not total panic but someplace solidly between anxious and worried. Today and yesterday I was slightly to one side of concerned and feeling discomfort. My breathing has been problematic these … More Off the Top of My Head


A repeat and it will be forever this time of year. Updated to reflect specifics. Have a great day. Try to stay involved no matter what. Peace out! Dear Diary: August 12 – Moved into my little house in Boothbay. It is so beautiful here. The view of the back river and islands is stunning. … More SNOW!!!