Kamikaze Cardinal

I just spotted a Cardinal. A beautiful speciman! He is perched in one ot those trees not more than a few years old that have sprung up from acorns that roll across the road from Claudia’s yard by the cove. He is planning his day, I am sure. I wish for him success in whatever … More Kamikaze Cardinal

Men’s Group

This one needs another viewing, in my humble opinion… MEN’S GROUP A gathering – like an assemblage of wary and watchful Bison, Large forms – studied movement, An economy of motion and comment, A language not too vague Or too obvious, We speak with silence – side Looks – talk of heating oil, Stove pellets, … More Men’s Group

Post Traumatic Stress

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS(is not a disorder. It’s a natural response.) Memory has a clawNot its own,A fear filled hookOf the past,Crawling nearer,Fully equipped to clenchThe exposed heart,Shoving its nails into andSpreadingGriefThroughThe chambers,Annihilating whatJoyIs sheltered there. G. M. GoodwinMay 13, 2013

Confessional Writing

Most, or many beginning writers use the confessional style. It is easy and, as we all know, allows us to ‘write what we know’. I use it with an eye toward the dangers of over loading my audience with dark event or thoughts. Just the same there is a poetry to some events that is … More Confessional Writing

Jamie and Sandy

Jamie sat waiting. She’d got her dose from Barbara. Now she waited for her counseling session. She would be late if she didn’t leave soon. A date was going to be waiting for her and Jamie couldn’t lose another trick. The money was too good and she was using too many times lately. Jamie would … More Jamie and Sandy