Looking Into Canyons

LOOKING INTO CANYONS I’ve looked up at walls of ocean more than a hundred feet high rushing toward shores hundreds of miles away. I, lying with my back pressed against the steel of my protection, eyes wide and mouth shouting, Holy shit! Tons of ocean racing under storm and wind and dark, over and past … More Looking Into Canyons


EARWORM I’ve been listening to the first three or four lines of Brenda Lee singing “I’m Sorry” for near three hours this morning. The voice-in-my-head is getting sweeter but I’m tired of it. If I had my druthers, I’d prefer Vikki Carr singing “It Must Be Him!” or maybe Barbra Streisand singing anything at all. … More Earworm


SOLACE “Grace is solace on horseback”, This opening line to a poem by A friend of a friend with whom I dearly want to be a friend. Grace and Solace, Words which are familiar, But I often look up words to ingest them so they nourish me. These words are simple and Both have a … More Solace

Stuff happens: It is what it is and that is what we call life.

I don’t want to lose any more children. I don’t have any control of this. I lost Mark a year ago and now Scot is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. The doctors informed his wife that he has less than six months left. Loss. Loss and grief are so damned hard. Life holds so much… … More Stuff happens: It is what it is and that is what we call life.


My friend-in-writing, Amber-Nicole writes beautifully!

A Tiny Regret

A TINY REGRET Never to be seen again. Some time long ago, while I was driving a deep submersible along the ocean bottom in the Sea of Cortez, I came upon what appeared to be a stone wall. Well past the depth that sunlight penetrates we moved slowly, searching for something to do with biological … More A Tiny Regret


TIMOTHY Timothy held out the spoon to the large feline sitting on the arm of his chair. The cat briefly turned its head away and then, with an attitude of superiority, leaned ever so slightly toward the offering and took the tiniest nibble. Timothy pulled his hand back and the cat looked annoyed but only … More Buddies