GAIA Presents

GAIA PRESENTS Some are calling or             Spreading invitations,                         Some warn away intruders.   Unseen but Heard – Sitting high, calling loudly, insistently, I imagine:             Chatty, old friends, enjoying reunion,  or,             Cautious introductions, unsure with bated breath,   This open-air venue with … More GAIA Presents


I submitted this story to The Sun magazine back in 2017 and heard back with one of those polite and thoughtful letters that let one down easy. Here it is again with a few punctuation corrections and a name change for the main character Mack, now Peter. BROODING Peter climbed the stairs to his old … More Brooding


I was triggered today by an email from a friend and associate prison volunteer here in Maine. He had forwarded a link to a short film relating the stress of release from prison in the first few moments. The film is well done and gives a powerful message of despair and chaos that comes with … More Trigger


AMBUSH An Englishman named Henry Kelsey arrived in Canada as a young man and apprenticed to be an explorer and tradesman. He was part of the Hudson Bay Company which was opening trades with tribes of the region and as far away as men like Kelsey were willing to explore and make business partnerships afar. … More AMBUSH!