Sky Patrol

I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE… Or, somebody call the cops. Things are out of control! My look-off point, that place toward which I stare to visualize what it is I want to express later, is just about West-North-West and about thirty degrees elevation. From my seat in The Castle, it is out the top … More Sky Patrol

I’m Trying

Here is a note I made to myself to record a writing prompt that whisped through my mind some time ago. I can almost enjoy it. The story line is typical of some fantasy that will pour through the old brain early in the A.M. ALIEN ROOMMATE Raised by catfish in a creek near Ft. … More I’m Trying

A Motherless Child

I feel like a motherless child. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a long, long way from home. I’m getting closer to home as each day passes. Heretofore, I’ve felt like my past was the way back but just now as I listen to Odetta sing I reckon the way home is just ahead. … More A Motherless Child

A Harmless Side Trip

MY NEXT RIDE: A FANTASY Clarification: Not my last ride.  As enjoyable as it appears, there comes a point during the fantasy when the Corvette Stingray that I have eyes for turns into a pumpkin rotting in a cold October field. Discovering that the MSRP begins at 60 grand, before bells and whistles, chokes the … More A Harmless Side Trip

Black Holes and Bad Memories We all have experienced black holes somewhere along our own timelines. Some of us continue to be threatened with annihilation should we accidentally fall into the gravitational pull of the beast. An interesting find of mine is I can sense the presence of a black hole; the type that exists here on this planet … More Black Holes and Bad Memories

It Refines

ABLUTION: His own Word-of-the-Day. As he performed, he thought of his age and his seeming gain on life’s attendant ignorance that living long brings. Words that came to him naturally went unusable. He did not know their meaning. As life passed, he took time, exponentially, to learn. Today’s word is “ablution”. He just performed it … More It Refines